The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 3


The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 3rd article of the series

Alex Tagliani & Bronte – Meeting 08/8/2014 – 01:00 p.m.


En rencontre avec / Meeting with Alex & Bronte Tagliani

En rencontre avec / Meeting with Alex & Bronte Tagliani


In this 3rd part of the series “The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014”, I thought of giving you the details of my meeting with Alex Tagliani and Bronte.

Why them? Simply because it was Bronte’s birthday a few days ago…

Right before we met, Alex had just unveiled his car for the GP3R. This was the conclusion of the “Summer of Tag” contest, in which the winner had the chance to see his drawing on the EpiPen/Dicom Express/Sennheiser #18 car in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series, for the week-end.

I need to thank both of them for kindly taking time in receiving me afterwards, for over 30 minutes, in their hospitality installations.


-  Gentlemen, how long have you been driving?

“Professionally since 2000” answers Alex, whom we have seen racing in many series, like the CART/ChampCar, IRL and NASCAR Nationwide series, among others.


-  How long have you guys been together?

After exchanging looks: “We’ve been together since October 2001” they said.


-  How did you meet? (Race weekend, related friends or other?)

Bronte and Alex met in Australia, during a race week-end where he was, at the time, driving for Team Players in the CART series.

Bronte: “I was a model and participating in an event where I wasn’t supposed to be in the beginning. Alex was attending that event.” And Tag adds: “Sometimes, fate does things right…”


-  Where do you live?

Mainly in Las Vegas, but we also have a place in Laval.”


-  Before the beginning of a race, do you have any ritual, routine, particular superstition? (i.e.: hand signs, gestures)

“Yes we do, when Bronte is there” Alex tells me. Bronte mentions that “they always have a little hand gesture they do before the start of the race.”

Ed’s Note: I already had a pretty good idea of the answer to this question since I saw them do at last year’s GP3R. I told them that, basically, they were the ones who gave me the idea of these meetings, and mostly this particular question…

Bronte & Alex Tagliani - GP3R 2014

Bronte & Alex Tagliani – GP3R 2014

-  Ladies, would you “risk” yourselves at giving advice to your man regarding a race?

Bronte admits she often gives Alex advice on his approach towards a race, “but never on how he should drive the car.”


-  Gentlemen, if so, do you accept the advice?

“Yes” quickly answers Alex. “And I have no problems with this…!”


-  Ladies, what do you do during a race?

(Watch it on tv? You’re always there to support? You take part in the race, timer in hands to follow the evolution? You’re unable to watch him race?)

It always depends where and in which series Alex is racing” says Bronte. “Sometimes, I stay at the hospitality tent to take care of our guests (clients, sponsors, etc.). Otherwise, I’m in the pit box to follow the race, close to the action.”


-  Gentlemen, do you race full time?

“Yes, says Alex, but the “driving” part represents only a small portion of the occupation. There’s always a lot of promoting to do, as well as other events in which I participate. That’s what occupies the greatest part of our schedule. Driving the car, including the qualifications and the race, that’s two hours in the week-end…”


-  Is conciliating family/race (+ other work, if so) difficult?

Bronte answers laughing: “Racing IS family !!!”.

She adds: “I’m very much involved in regards to Alex’s media and public relations aspects. And also with our different sponsors”.

Alex also appreciates the fact that Bronte “brings an outside view” to the team. “Since she also takes care of logistics, it allows us to have a different point of view” which benefits the team.”


As we finish, and to add up to these busy schedules, Bronte has recently launched a new company, “Belle en noir” by Bronte (link towards the website: A fashion box (clothes, lifestyle) for which Alex made some of the pictures.


A future threat for your humble servant…?? ;-)


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GP3R 2014 - Alex Tagliani - NASCAR NCATS #18 EpiPen/Dicom Express/Sennheiser

GP3R 2014 Alex Tagliani

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