The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 4

The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 4th article of the series

Hugo Vannini – Meeting 08/8/2014 – 03:00 p.m.


Hugo Vannini & Pat Collin

Hugo Vannini & Pat

It’s the 4th publication of the series « The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 » and, as announced on my Facebook page, this one’s going in a different direction. This week, I’m presenting you my meeting with Hugo Vannini.

Only Hugo? Yes, only Hugo!

Ladies, this interview is for you!


Hugo Vannini - #97 VTI Motorsports

Hugo Vannini – #97 VTI Motorsports

When I approached him for this series, Hugo’s first answer was: “Very good idea of article Pat, but I don’t know if it’s worth it, I don’t have anyone at the moment…”

As you can see, I insisted we still discussed together. I told him laughing that “after this article, the situation might change…”


-          Gentlemen, how long have you been driving?

“I started by racing one season in stock car in 2004. But I have been in the NASCAR Canadian Tire (NCATS) series since 2009.”


-          How long have you guys been together?

“As I was telling you, I’m single (and available…) since last October” Hugo said.


-          How did you meet? (Race weekend, related friends or other?)

For obvious reasons, we went over this question.


-          Where do you live?

I live in the Lanaudière region, in Repentigny”.


-          Before the beginning of a race, do you have any ritual, routine, particular superstition? (i.e.: hand signs, gestures)

« I prepare the car at home, so, no, I don’t have any particular routine prior to a race”. However, Hugo has a good luck charm following him. In fact, a little stuffed animal installed behind him in the Vannini Team  #97 car acts as his passenger.


Porte-bonheur / Good luck charm - Hugo Vannini

Porte-bonheur / Good luck charm – Hugo Vannini

-           Ladies, would you “risk” yourselves at giving advice to your man regarding a race?

Other question left aside…


-          Gentlemen, if so, do you accept the advice?

“If I had a girlfriend and she had some advice, yes” Hugo answers. “I accept all advice”.


-          Ladies, what do you do during a race?

(Watch it on tv? You’re always there to support? You take part in the race, timer in hands to follow the evolution? You’re unable to watch him race?)

Hugo told me: “I’d rather have my girlfriend there with me, following me. Encouragements are always welcome”.


-          Gentlemen, do you race full time?

For Hugo Vannini, racing remains a hobby. “I have a full time job elsewhere, so for me, racing really is a hobby” he says.


Hugo Vannini - #97 - NASCAR NCATS

Hugo Vannini – #97 – NASCAR NCATS

-          Is conciliating family/race (+ other work, if so) difficult?

Hugo answers me: « Usually, when in couple, it’s relatively easy. Since I work on preparing the car at home, outside my « working hours », it reduces the need to go from one place to another, so, I’m pretty much present.”


Hugo drives in what cas be considered a small racing team. « The VTI Motorsports team is a team with a small budget, but this is a family team » as he says so well. « As you can see, I don’t have sponsors, so my father, Yvon, and his associate with the Marina de la Rive Nord for over 40 years, Jean Tremblay, give me a big hand with the car, and my sister Katerine is involved in the public relations aspect as well.”


L'équipe VTI Motorsports / VTI Motorsports team

L’équipe VTI Motorsports / VTI Motorsports team

An interview that gave me a chance to meet with a sympathetic guy. Simple, and… single…!

Ed’s note: Unfortunately for Hugo, his race at the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières ended abruptly when he was involved, in spite of himself, in a three cars incident.


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See you next week !!

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