The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 5


The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 5th article of the series

Ray Junior Courtemanche & Annie – Meeting 08/8/2014 – 02:00 p.m.


Pat en rencontre avec / meeting with Ray Junior, Chloé et Maxime Courtemanche

Pat en rencontre avec / meeting with Ray Junior, Chloé et Maxime Courtemanche

We are now at the 5th week of the series and for our meeting/interview, this week, I will talk to you about someone well known by the Laurentians citizens, most particularely. As you’ll see, he’s involved in many projects in that region.


This week’s honors go to Ray Junior Courtemanche and Annie.

Ray Junior Courtemanche et Annie

Ray Junior Courtemanche et Annie

ED’s note:When I met with Ray at the GP3R, Annie was unfortunately absent. You’ll read the reason a little further…


Our chat took place in Alex Tagliani’s hospitality installations, which Ray Jr and the #29 – La Cité de Mirabel/Blackshape Team share with him.

-  Gentlemen, how long have you been driving? 

« You won’t believe me Pat, but I’ve been driving for 39 years !! My father was a Stock Car driver at the Laval Riverside Speedway at that time. I was initiated very young. In those years, I used to pay my karts or car rentals by selling T-shirts…” says Ray, laughing.


-  How long have you guys been together?

“We’re together since 2008”.


-  How did you meet? (Race weekend, related friends or other?)

“We met in a resto-bar. The temperature was pretty cold and I gave my coat to Annie. She couldn’t resist…”


-  Where do you live?

“We live in Lorraine, in what is actually the model house of the “Domaine des Châteaux de Brisach”project.


-  Before the beginning of a race, do you have any ritual, routine, particular superstition? (i.e.: hand signs, gestures)

Ray Jr tells me that he does have a ritual before the beginning of a race. “Me, it’s when I put on my safety belts. And if, exceptionally Annie is there, I need a kiss”.

Ray Junior Courtemanche & Annie

Ray Junior Courtemanche & Annie

-  Ladies, would you “risk” yourselves at giving advice to your man regarding a race?

“Annie usually tells me to drive safely and to have fun, that’s it! And it’s mostly why I race, to have fun”.


-  Gentlemen, if so, do you accept the advice?

Rays answers quickly: “Yes, yes, yes, without any problems !”


-  Ladies, what do you do during a race?

(Watch it on tv? You’re always there to support? You take part in the race, timer in hands to follow the evolution? You’re unable to watch him race?)

Rays becomes a little more serious when answering this question. “Since I had 2 major accidents last season, Annie stopped following me during race week-ends. It made her more fearful. Sometimes she comes to see me, but now she waits to see the results at the end of the race”.


-  Gentlemen, do you race full time?

“Well, I race almost the entire season in the NASCAR Canadian Tire (NCATS) series, but I also take care of many other things…”


-  Is conciliating family/race (+ other work, if so) difficult?

“It all goes pretty well, in spite of being very busy” Ray tells me. “Annie just completed her university and is now following her course with the Accountants Order to become CMA-CPA (Management accountant). My 2 kids, Chloé, 13, and Maxime, 12, race in karting. We have an agreement with PSL Karting with whom they trade work against race time. But they are the ones doing all the maintenance on their karts !!” he proudly says.

Ray Jr Courtemanche

Ray Jr Courtemanche

“I’m involved in the distribution, in Canada, of the new, italian made, Blackshape airplanes. The first plane is actually on its way, on a boat somewhere. To top it all off, I’m in the process of getting my licences in the Nationwide series and I just got the ones for the K&N series (both in american NASCAR). I will also be on track, in a few weeks, in Mosport, in the “Camping World truck series”. So, with all the media activities related to these projects, it fills a lot of my schedule. But for me, it’s important to be there for people…” I have no problem believing that.


Ed’s note: I must specify, at this point, that Ray Jr is also actively involved in “La Cité de Mirabel’s” projects. These real estate projects, located along highway 15 include, among others, the “Outlets” stores, many residential complexes, as well as the exit 28’s brand new rest area, recently opened.


As you can see, Ray Jr Courtemanche and Annie don’t lack any action. Despite this, for having spoken with Ray on many occasions, he is always available and never loses his good mood, or his smile !!


Ray Junior Courtemanche - #29 - Équipe La Cité de Mirabel/Blackshape Team

Ray Junior Courtemanche – #29 – Équipe La Cité de Mirabel/Blackshape Team


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See you next week !!

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  1. Eric Desjardins Friday September 12th, 2014 at 09:28 AM #

    Très bonne article sur Ray Jr. J’ai connu Ray il y’a 30 ans, J’étais un client au garage Petro-Canada et je livrais son épicerie dans le Quartier Ahuntsic. Ray m’accompagnait parfois sur ma run de livraison à domicile. J’ai revu Ray Jr. au GP3R en 2014. Une belle retrouvaille après 25 ans. Pour la personnalité qu’il est devenu, il n’a pas changé du tout. Il reste le même type d’autrefois, humble, les deux pieds sur terre et toujours aussi souriant! Bravo Raymond (ti-lou), tu mérites tout ce que tu as accomplis dans la vie!

    • admin Saturday September 13th, 2014 at 09:35 PM #

      Merci Éric !! Content que ce soit apprécié. Et content de savoir qu’il a toujours été aussi souriant. Un chic type!

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