The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 6


 The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – 6th article of the series

Andrew Ranger & Joannie – Meeting 09/8/2014 – 02:00 p.m.


Pat avec/with Andrew Ranger & Joannie

Pat avec/with Andrew Ranger & Joannie


We are now at the 6th publication of the series « The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 », and I have to say I could hardly wait for this one to be online. Why?

Because Joannie was probably the one who showed the most enthousiasm when I submitted her with the idea of this series of meetings and asked them to be part of it.

« It’s a super idea, it’s different, and very kind of you to show interest in us, the spouses » she answered me.

So this week, meeting with a very well-known figure in the circles of auto racing, Andrew Ranger and his spouse, Joannie


Andrew Ranger & Joannie

Andrew Ranger & Joannie

I met with Joannie and Andrew at his promotional stand, where his memorabilia and souvenir items are, as you can guess, very popular. You’ll understand once again, that, for a Quebec driver, the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières means a higher rate of occupation. That’s why I must thank both of them for allowing me a few minutes to chat, settled on a concrete block, in a pretty informal way, right beside the mass of supporters. Joannie answered almost all my questions while Andrew was meeting his fans.

Editor’s note: We had a good laugh when Andrew came to meet us and I told him, joking, that the interview was already over….


-       Gentlemen, how long have you been driving?

« Andrew started racing when he was 8 years old. He’s been in almost every possible racing series. As a matter of fact, he was on track yesterday, in the U.S.A and made a round trip coast from Trois-Rivières to Watkins Glen and back, just like he had done last year” Joannie said to me.

 Ed’s note:Your humble servant has, moreover, several pictures of Andrew when he was driving in the Champ Car series, one of which, taken in Montréal in 2006, taken with my son.


-       How long have you guys been together?

“We’re actually in our 5th year together” Joannie says.


-       How did you meet? (Race weekend, related friends or other?)

Joannie tells me: “We met through mutual friends. The very first race I attended to in my whole life was right here in Trois-Rivières, 4 years ago. Andrew won it and I was on the first page of the newspaper with him… That was quite traumatic for starters !!”


-       Where do you live?

“We are living in the Granby region” they told me.


-          Before the beginning of a race, do you have any ritual, routine, particular superstition? (i.e.: hand signs, gestures)

They both specify: “We always talk before a race”. And Joannie adds: “There’s an obligatory contact, and when I’m present, I stay on the track until the start of the race.”  


-       Ladies, would you “risk” yourselves at giving advice to your man regarding a race?

Joannie: “I just tell him to drive safely and to have fun, that’s it !”


-       Gentlemen, if so, do you accept the advice?

Andrew answers laughing: « If she had other advices, would I take them? Hmmm…?? Not really…”


-       Ladies, what do you do during a race? (Watch it on tv? You’re always there to support? You take part in the race, timer in hands to follow the evolution? You’re unable to watch him race?)

I already had an idea of the answer, which Joannie just confirmed: « I stay in the pits for the whole race. I follow the action while Jacob, 2 years old, stays in the VIP lounge.”


Andrew Ranger, Joannie & Jacob

Andrew Ranger, Joannie & Jacob


-       Gentlemen, do you race full time?

Andrew tells me: “Yes. But also, since the beginning of the summer, I give driving lessons at the Andrew Ranger Academy, at the Sanair racetrack.


-       Is conciliating family/race (+ other work, if so) difficult?

Joannie says: “It goes pretty well. I work full time as a clinical nurse specialized in geriatrics. With Andrew racing a lot (meaning plenty of promotional events), I’m involved with the public relations and marketing. And, with 3 children, let’s say it keeps us busy. Anyways, it’s better like this, Andrew can’t stand still if he’s not busy…!!” she added, laughing.


On the Sunday race at the GP3R, Andrew made a huge comeback, and this, for the second consecutive year. Indeed, a penalty at the start of the race put him at the back of the pack. He brilliantly steered his #27 Dodge, of the Mopar/Exide team, on the way up, to finish on the second step of the podium.


Andrew Ranger - #27 - Dodge équipe Mopar / Exide team

Andrew Ranger – #27 – Dodge équipe Mopar / Exide team


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