The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – The conclusion


The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – The conclusion

Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières 2014 - Coucher de soleil sur le GP3R / Sunset on the GP3R

Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières 2014 – Coucher de soleil sur le GP3R / Sunset on the GP3R

Well, here we are. The « Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 » series of articles, published for the last 8 weeks, is now history. I wanted to end it all by sharing my observations and comments regarding these interviews. Some kind of a “making of”…

I’ve listened to comments and exchanged with the people I see daily and it’s why I thought of buckling it up with this conclusion. And also to explain, for those who know me a little less, how I experienced these meetings.

During these publications, I tried putting you in the context, as much as possible, while writing my texts. That’s why I told you where our meetings took place. So that, for the more visual among you, like I am, could imagine the context. So that you could, in a certain way, live these meetings with me…

And I emphasize on the fun I had chatting with them, whatever the location where it took place. It was as much pleasant for me to meet them in their VIP lounges, their motorhomes/garages or sitting on a concrete block, opposite to what certain people might have thought…

First of all, I need to say that I have met with great men and women. Many spouses thanked me for these articles, which gave them an opportunity to tell us about their implication in their man’s careers. As I told these ladies right from the start « We see you with your men on TV, on pictures, but we never hear about you…”

As you have read, these women are way, way more involved than we might have thought. That I might have thought…

Because they have their families, their own careers, and that they devote lots (if not all) of their free time to their spouse. And on top of that, almost all of them are involved in public relations and media or promotional events as well. Remember Bronte, who receives the clients or the sponsors and who had just launched her own fashion box? And what about Karine being a new mom for just a few months now…

Ladies, we take a bow !!

Many drivers also thanked me for these interviews. Why? Maybe because I focused my meetings on more personal aspects, without going too far in their private lives. Because we spoke about other things than car adjustments or track conditions. I felt they all appreciated.

You must also know that every article was submitted to them, prior to publishing, so they could change or emphasize certain points expressed in those meetings. Therefore, no bad surprises, or sensationalism, or “edited” text…

Some of you may have thought that these drivers, or their spouses, were distant, even self-righteous? Well think again!

Even with all the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières represents in their season, even with all the interviews requests, all the, necessary, appointments with their sponsors, their clients, their team members, etc., I could meet with relaxed and accessible couples, and drivers. I highly appreciated the fact that they all accepted sharing a few confidences.

As if we always knew each other.

We also had good laughs.

Annie, Ray Jr’s spouse, was telling me, over the phone, that she cried when reading their article. Cried?!? It wasn’t meant to be sad…

“No, no, I was just moved when I read on how Ray and I had met”. Oh, ok, that reassures me…

I can still see Sheila telling me how she was hitting people around her during a race. Or Hugo, to whom I said I was going to find him a girlfriend… Without forgetting Joannie, admitting Andrew had to keep himself occupied or “he couldn’t stand still…”.

She made me realize these guys all have, it must be in their DNA I guess, the ability to do 22 things at the same time, way more than the « average bear » can. Do they have the choice? When you’re driving at those speeds, watching your rear view mirror, with your crew chief talking on your radio while an opponent is trying to pass you when you’re slipping close to a concrete wall…

Can you imagine? That’s alot to manage…!!

In conclusion, I know I repeatedly did it, in every article, but, once again… THANK YOU !!

To Michela, Didier, Karine, Jean-François, Bronte, Alex, Annie, Ray Jr, Hugo, Joannie, Andrew, Sheila and Louis-Philippe : Thanks for your time. And it’ll be a great pleasure to share a coffee or a lunch with you guys. Whenever you want !!! 

And THANKS also to you all, you were many, for taking the time to read and share these posts.

Hoping you appreciated this series of articles. That it gave you a chance to learn more about our Quebec drivers and their spouses.

And, as always, your comments are more than welcome. Down on this page, or yet, on my Facebook page.

See you next time !!

GP3R 2014 - Rallycross RX Feux artifice - Fireworks

GP3R 2014 – Rallycross RX Feux artifice – Fireworks

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