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Simple tutorial 4 – Composing your image

This tutorial should have appeared among the first ones published…

We want to take a photo, we look at our subject and we press on the trigger. Then we view our images and (how many times!!) we realize some (or sometimes many…) details have passed unnoticed at the time of the shot. For example, a horizon which is not horizontal, somebody whom we did not necessarily want in the image, etc.

Of course, we can resort to cropping or other corrections. On the other hand, the best way to reduce or avoid “post-treatment” remains to take a few seconds more before pressing on the trigger. A few seconds to look at what we see.

It might seem strange to say, but we do not always pay attention on what finds itself in the viewfinder or in our camera screen. Furthermore, these few seconds will save you from invaluable minutes (or hours according to the quantity) once the images are taken and will, without a doubt, bring you better comments. We must take time to compose our image.

To take time to compose our image means:

  1. To make sure that our horizon is straight
  2. To wait for strangers to have moved from behind our subject
  3. To frame our subject “tighter” (more “squeezed up”) to avoid the background distractions
  4. To pay attention to the ambient lighting to avoid getting too much contrast between high and dark portions
  5. To include a foreground, when possible, to add a dimension or depth to our image

Here are a few examples for each number listed above











These are just a few really simple tips that anyone can use in order to improve their images…

Go, and have a great photoshoot !!

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