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Cinema under the stars – 2580 St-Joseph

Friday july 20th 2012, in the central court of 2580 St-Joseph, was held an outdoors cinema projection event: “Cinema under the stars”.

For this first special evening, 2 movies were on the menu: “Under the sunset” and “Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol”. It all started at 9h00 p.m. and ended around 1h15 a.m.. The temperature (even though quite fresh) was perfect for this outdoors projection.

Movie lovers, well installed in their folding chairs and comforters were provided with the unmissable delights related to cinema: hot-dogs, chips, soft drinks as well as caramel pop-corn. To make it short, all the elements were gathered to make this a pleasant and successful evening.

BRAVO and THANK YOU !! To all those who, from close or far, organized and participated in making this double-showcase a success !!

2012-07-20 IMG_2281 Cinema M.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2262 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2263 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2265 Cinema M.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2272 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2270 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2271 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2279 Cinema.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2282 Cinema 911.jpg2012-07-20 IMG_2283 Cinema.jpgPanorama Cour Cinema 2.jpg

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