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The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014 – Preamble

GP3R 2014 Entrevue Didier Schraenen-Michela IMG_0319-3

Interview with Didier Schraenen and Michela


The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R 2014  

Starting Thursday, august 14, you’ll read, on www.photopatcollin.com, a brand new series of articles: “The Quebec drivers and their spouses at the GP3R”.

These written articles, realized following meetings with the major actors of Quebec’s automobile sport during the 45th Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières (GP3R), will allow you to rediscover your favourite race drivers as well as their spouses (when present).

Every week, I’ll give you an opportunity to get to know better those ladies whom we often see in visual medias (tv, photos), but don’t hear much about.

I have to gratefully thank all those who accepted to free themselves from their obligations to spend a few minutes with me during what is, for them, the busiest week-end of their racing season, in order to make these meetings possible. Meetings that were, furthermore, very pleasant.

Now, you must have some questioning… What will it be about? Not another paper about cars and settings, etc, etc… Well, no, not at all !! I’ve asked the same 10 questions to all those I met and the goal was to take things lightly, and mostly, different from what we generally read, without intruding in their private lives.

Here’s a glimpse of the subjects we talked about:

– How long have you guys been together?

– In what circumstances did you meet?

– As a couple, on race days, do you have any superstitions, routine or ritual before a race?

– Ladies, do you “risk” yourselves at giving advice to your man?

– Ladies, what do you do during a race?

– How do you conciliate race/family/work?

So make sure you’ll be there, you won’t want to miss these, weekly, starting on Thursday, august 14.  

Share these articles with your contacts, fans or not, they’ll most likely be interested…

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