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The rule of thirds – Simple tutorial 1

One of the basic principles in photography is the “rule of thirds”. Nothing really complicated, but applying it in your picture taking should help you obtain images that will be more dynamic and interesting to the eye, by drawing the attention towards the main subject.

Let me explain…

You simply need to imagin that the image is divided in 9 squares (either in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation). So, instead of centering the subject in the middle of the viewer, we will try to place it on one (or more) of the “force lines”. Even better, we can try placing it on one of the four “force points” (junction points where the lines cross eachother).

Tiers 1

Here’s how to visualize the theory based on an image.

Example shown in “portrait” orientation:

And in “landscape”:

See with the next 2 images how the difference is noticeable.


The image on the right is clearly more dynamic, more attractive to the eye. We automatically seem to be focusing on the parachutist.

Of course the rule of thirds can’t be systematically applied to every image you’ll take. For example, portraits or close-ups. But whenever possible, this will, without a doubt, add interest to your pictures. Bien sûr, la règle des tiers n’est pas systématiquement applicable à toutes les images que vous prendrez. Par exemple pour des portraits ou des prises rapprochées. Try it, you’ll see the difference…

Go ahead, and have a nice photoshoot !!

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